HP PhotoSmart TouchSmart Web Printer Review

Anyone who's seen my blog from the Martha Stewart blog show knows I'm a fan of HP products. I've been a HP customer for years and I'm always excited to see the latest products being produced by the company.

HP PhotoSmart TouchSmart Web Printer

Please Note: The HP Photosmart Touchsmart Web Printer was provided for the review and then returned. No other compensation was provided

When I was offered a chance to review the HP Photosmart Premium Touchsmart Web All-In-One Printer, I was super excited. As a mom I take tons of photos and would love to find a printer that gives me lab quality printed photos as well as crisp printed documents.

To start, the HP Photosmart Touchsmart Web Printer came with tons of cool features including:

Get web prints with a quick touch - No PC needed
  • Quickly access web content like coupons, maps, recipes and more right from the HP TouchSmart screen. Can also access your photos on Snapfish.com directly
  • Customize your HP TouchSmart screen with your favorite apps
  • Using Quick forms you can print forms and templates: fax cover pages, checklist, etc - right from the HP TouchSmart screen
Multitasking made simple
  • Get lab-quality photos, laser-quality text documents, time saving web printing and creative products -all from one machine
  • Easily edit and print photos, send faxes, scan photos for reprints, make copies and print from the web -without a PC using the HP TouchSmart screen
  • Print better photos the first time with features like HP Auto Sense and HP Photo Print Gadget that detect the right side of photo paper, gives you one click printing, fixes photos and more.
Flexibility to connect the way you want
  • Print photos directly from mobile phones and other Blue-tooth enabled devices, your iPhone or iPod touch- Print virtually anywhere in your home - share the printer with other WiFi enabled PC's

Sounds great right? You'd think with all those cool bells and whistle that setting it up would be a hassle or would require a call to customer support. While HP does provide customer support for those that need for the most part setup is simple and self explanatory.

For example the ink cartiages are color and icon coded to match. Also the HP TouchSmart screen guides you step by step with text and video instruction in case you need just a little nudge of help.

After the quick setup it was time for me to test things out. As you can see from my video the HP TouchSmart screen once again helps you select and complete your tasks. In a matter of a few short minutes...minus my boo boo of not selecting my task timely and slowing down the process...my photo has been found, edited and printed. Other printing tasks were also quickly done with great results. The last thing I want to point out is how Eco friendly the HP Photosmart Touchsmart Web printer is.
HP helps consumers reduce their impact on the planet with innovative eco solutions and products designed to keep households green and save precious natural resources—from the HP Eco Highlights Labels on products to its Planet Partners program for product reuse and recycling as well as innovative printing solutions.
Here are some solutions from HP that help consumers make smarter environmental choices without compromising on style and quality: Printing Solutions - With the ENERGY STAR® qualified HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One, you can use 30 percent less energy (compared with using a printer, fax and scanner separately), save money and help reduce your environmental impact. With an "Eco-tips" button to learn ways to print more responsibly, the HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One is the perfect solution for printing lab-quality photos, laser-quality documents and vivid color graphics while reducing your impact on the environment. HP Staples EcoEasy Edition Printers are ENERGY STAR-qualified and combine HP’s environmentally friendly technology with Staples’ ongoing environmental commitment to help customers save resources. With every printer purchased from the line, Staples will make a donation to Carbonfund.org, equivalent to the average energy consumed over three years of product use. HP Creative Studio Celebrate Earth Day beginning at home with free eco-friendly tip sheets and around-the-house eco reminder sticker kits from HP Creative Studio that remind us that even the smallest changes matter. Revel in the beauty of nature with cards and calendars featuring the Otto Fjord iceberg from award-winning photographer and environmental advocate Sebastian Copeland. For more information on HP’s environmental commitment and tips for reducing your environmental impact this Earth Day and every day, visit http://www.hp.com/ecosolutions

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